Enabling datastore alerts on thin provisioning thresholds

Something every sensible VMware administrator is concerned about is the over commitment of the datastores. Since the dawn of times in virtualization it is possible to thin provision the disks of the virtual machines by not allocating the blocks to it, hence over commit the actual physical storage by provisioning... [Read More]

Use vSphere tags to set VM CPU limits


In the majority of VMware environments, the use of limits (especially memory limits) is strongly discouraged as it can lead to several misbehaviours such as CPU ready or memory swapping, which no one wants. But in some cases it can be useful to leverage them, provided it is implemented... [Read More]

iDrac 7 undefined links and blocked IP

Undefined links with 404 error I usually use Chrome or Firefox on my workstations but the other day I had to use IE11 to reach an iDrac 7 from a jump box in the DMZ and I bumped into this odd 404 error: My first thought... [Read More]

Disabling IPv6 on ESXi

And some powerCLI 6.3 R1

Since ESXi 5.1 IPv6 is enabled by default on new hosts, this can be seen in the DCUI interface below the IPv4 address or in the web client in networking (I won’t mention the C# client as it has been officially declared dead by VMware). By now this is probably... [Read More]