How to use PostgreSQL database for Horizon 8 (2103) events

VMware released Horizon 8 (2103) on the 23rd of March 2021. While previous versions only allowed Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle for the events database, this latest version introduces support for PostgreSQL. The benefits of using Postgres is that it is free, lightweight and very easy to configure. We are... [Read More]

How to update to vSphere 7.0 Update 2

VMware recently released vSphere 7.0 Update 2. It delivers a number of really interesting features and improvements in terms of performance and vSphere LifeCycle management. Among the main features we find : · Nvidia backed AI & Developer Ready Infrastructure · Enhanced security footprint · Simplified operations with vLCM ·... [Read More]

vCenter 7 update 1c: Advanced Cross vCenter vMotion (XVM)

Migrating virtual machines across vCenter instances has been a thing for several years now but it wasn’t a straightforward process until advanced cross vcenter vmotion. After a while the Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility fling was released in order to simplify the process and remove the need for enhanced linked... [Read More]

vSphere 7 clustered VMDK - RDM-free WSFC !

Background The end of the raw device mapping tyrannie on Windows Server Failover Clusters (WSFC) is nigh! If you managed virtual environments that contain Windows Clusters, you probably know that these are a different kind of beast compared to your usual virtual machines equipped with thick and thick virtual... [Read More]

Perennially reserved disks in the vSphere client UI

In 2018 I wrote a blog for Vembu about how LUNs used as RDMs by Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC) can significantly slow down the boot time of your vSphere hosts. This is due to the active node of the Windows cluster holding a lock on the LUN and... [Read More]

vSphere 7.0 and the memory greed

As I was fooling around with esxcli in my lab I decided to upgrade a 6.7u3 host to 7.0u1. Note that it is a simple vSphere host in workstation to which I allocated a mere 4GB of RAM because I only needed the minimum. I connected the ISO > upgraded... [Read More]

Enabling LDAPS on vCenter identity source

Most environments used to use the Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) as an identity source for vCenter. However with Microsoft tightening the screw on LDAP signing and VMware deprecating IWA in versions 7 and above, many will have to bite the bullet and move to LDAPS. It’s not a big deal... [Read More]

Host randomly not responding but replies to ping

In the series of weird and annoying technical issues that I seem to be blessed with, today I bring you one that falls in the category I despise the most, random disconnects. TL,DR: Random ESXi disconnects after NIC replacement. The fix was to remove and recreate the management vmkernel (also... [Read More]