VMs deleted in vCenter stuck in VMware Cloud Director

While playing a bit roughly in my homelab, I deleted a couple VMs from vCenter that were originally created and managed by VMware Cloud Director because I didn’t have time to start NSX-T, ALB, VCD… The problem is that after doing this, the VMs were still in VMware Cloud Director... [Read More]

What's new in BDRSuite v5.3

What used to be the wild west several years ago is now a pretty stable and settled landscape of Backup software vendors, BDRSuite being one of them with BDRSuite v5.3 that was released recently. The company adopted a more aggressive release cycle with BDRSuite 5 to address clients feature requests... [Read More]

Back to basic about DR, BC and HA

Aside from my day job and writing blogs, I teach the odd IT infrastructure courses in universities in the south of France, especially Bachelor degree students. Anyway, I usually get students that are on the junior side in terms of infrastructure knowledge. Data protection and recoverability concepts are often foreign... [Read More]

Data Lifecycle Management and Backup Retention

It is without a doubt that the IT landscape has been dominated and driven by data for the past decade or so and showing no sign on slowing down with cloud sovereignty jumping on the roadmap of most cloud providers in the last couple of years. The explosion of data... [Read More]

Cloud Native storage on VCD with the VMware Cloud Director CSI

I recently wrote a piece about how to get started with CAPVCD, the Cluster API provider for VMware Cloud Director and kept playing with it. One of the great things with CAPVCD is that the upstream implementation automatically deploys the VCD CSI into the workload clusters using a ClusterResourceSet... [Read More]

Backup best practices for SMBs

Setting up a backup environment is among the most important aspects of an SDDC and this is a valid statement whether you are a 5 people startup or a 40.000 employees corporation. Backups can make or break businesses. There has been several occurences of businesses going under following a data... [Read More]

BDRSuite v5.2 brings more cloud capabilities

Data protection and recovery is among the main concerns of most organizations as losing data due to an outage with no restore capabilities can make or break a business. Keeping up with current trends is paramount to Backup vendors as ransomware attacks become more and more sophisticated and there is... [Read More]

Where do MSPs go to protect their workloads?

The last few years have been ruthless in terms of cybersecurity attacks, in particular ransomware becoming more and more widespread across the board. While any company can be the target of such attacks, MSP are often a prime choice for bad actors. The fact that multiple small and medium sized... [Read More]

FluxCD in Tanzu Community Edition v0.12

With Tanzu Community Edition v0.11, the contributors brought FluxCD in the app manager that comes with TCE (kapp). Mind you it was only the Flux Source controller which is the one that keeps track of the changes made in a Git repository and pulls the resources. Deployed by itself it... [Read More]