Cool looking PowerShell with Oh-My-Posh

I spent a lot less time in PowerCLI these days which means my profile hasn’t changed much and my prompt was still the same as when I customized it several years ago. Because I use Linux in WSL, I have to get up to speed with it and customizing your... [Read More]

On-premise Layer-2 Service type LoadBalancer with Antrea

While kubernetes clusters running with cloud providers benefit from external load balancers which can be easily interacted with through the CPI, on-premise installations don’t get that by default. Sure if you have an external load balancer you can always install the kubernetes operator if there is one but it is... [Read More]

What's new in BDRSuite v5.1

The world of data protection has been in motion for the past several years with the rise of cloud services and SaaS in general. BDRSuite carved a place for the company among the leading backup software vendors for the SMB sector with a robust virtual machine backup and recovery solution.... [Read More]

VMware vCenter Converter is gone, here's an alternative

vCenter Converter has been a trusty sidekick for many IT administrators over the years, helping them achieve the virtualization of tricky physical workloads. While it is always recommended to deploy a new clean virtual machine, it isn’t always possible due to licensing or compatibility constraints with legacy software for instance.... [Read More]

vSphere CSI controller CrashLoopBackoff in CAPV cluster

As a bit of background, I recently wrote about the Cluster API vSphere provider and how to deploy a Kubernetes cluster to a vSphere environment, otherwise this blog won’t make much sense. I also experimented with the use of a clusterResourceSet to automatically install the Calico CNI inside... [Read More]

ESXi not booting - CRC error on decompression

I recently encountered an issue in my homelab where the bare-metal ESXi server wouldn’t start. All my labs run on one physical server (Dell R430) which has vSphere 7u2 installed on a USB key. A cheap one from the supermarket obviously (because I like it this way!). Anyway, ESXi would... [Read More]

Log4j workaround for vCenter automated script (VMware)

EDIT 20/12/2021: You now only need to run one script. The new script merges both and No further action is required if you already ran those two. EDIT 17/12/2021: A new script is required to remediate Analytics Service and CM Service. You now need... [Read More]

Nakivo v10.5 brings VMware monitoring and anti-ransomware resilience

The landscape of VM backup solutions vendors has significantly evolved over the last few years with the emergence of cloud computing and modern apps driving innovation. Nakivo Backup & Replication is keeping up this pace with fast release cycle to bring more value to the product and offer solutions to... [Read More]

What is the Retreat Mode for vSphere clusters

In vSphere, the DRS cluster duty have historically been tied to vCenter server, making it unavaiable if it went to go offline. In order to rectify that, vSphere 7u1 introduced vSphere Cluster Service VMs, a cluster of small virtual appliance holding the clustering duties to take them out of vCenter’s... [Read More]