If you installed the Tanzu CLI (to try VMware Tanzu Community Edition or TCE for instance), you probably encountered odd characters such as ←[1m or ←[0m in your powershell or cmd sessions when using it. I thought I’d write a quick blog on that since I’m pretty sure I’ll need it in a few months time and I’ll have forgotten about it by then.

These are ANSI coloring characters. Windows 10 supports ANSI terminal control through a function called SetConsoleMode but has the associated flag disabled by default. Disclaimer: I’m not a Windows deep dive expert, I got this from superuser.

Fix: Change default with a registry key

The fix is as easy as adding a registry key to set the default behaviour of the SetConsoleMode function.


Open Registry editor and create the key if it doesn’t already exist.

You don’t need to restart your machine, just launch a new powershell window for instance and you should now get colors instead of ANSI coloring characters.