About me

The best thing about blogs is that people share what they learn, make tutorial and everyone increase their knowledge in the process. I have always consumed articles and tutorials as part of my job or else but always on the reader’s side, this blog is the opportunity to contribute and share from the writer’s side.

My name is Xavier Avrillier, I am a french technical engineer living in Scotland where I work for a british company in the managed services department. My current position is mainly focused on managing the VMware infrastructure of the company as well as doing some other Ops stuff. Working with my “PowerShell guru” colleague got me really into scripting and PowerCLI so there will probably be a lot of it in this blog.

I am passionate in new technologies in general but my heart goes to virtualization for which I have a real interest and is in a way the base of every growing IT technologies now. Containers, clouds, SDS, SDN, you name it, 95% chances that there is a hypervisor somewhere behind it. When time allows it I run nested labs at home or at work to test new features and products for potential implementation in my professional environment or even just to discover cool tech.

I hope you find some interesting articles in this blog and learn some good stuff, Cheers!