vSphere 6 host randomly disconnects from vCenter

I got a few email alerts recently from my vCenter regarding host not responding and disconnect at a random time. At first I tried to find a pattern for what could be potentially causing the issue and quickly realized that nothing funny was happening in vSphere-land. So I had a... [Read More]

Convert LUN canonical name to datastore and vice versa

Someone recently asked in a VMTN post for a way to know what datastore is associated with a LUN canonical name (naa.xxxxxx). It can actually be quite annoying to find which datastore we are talking about when all we have is a canonical name. It’s either putting on the... [Read More]

Snapshot consolidation: vsphere 5 vs vSphere 6

Prior to vSphere 6 the consolidation mecanism worked such a way that it could lead to issues where the consolidation of snapshots would fail and retry over and over again and could lead to crazy long stun times with unresponsive guest OS or a snapshot that doesn’t want to go... [Read More]

vExpert 2016 program

A couple weeks ago VMware sent over the emails to notify the new and returning vExperts 2016, and it is with great pleasure that I received mine! The vExpert program is an “award” given to the professionals who get involved in the VMware community by sharing... [Read More]

Graphical view of vSphere hosts usage in Powershell

At work I spend a lot of time on PowerCLI for day to day administration as it is often much quicker to just run a command than log on the web client (wait for it to take its time), browse to where you want, wait for the interface to load…... [Read More]