All your VMs in RDCManager in 20 seconds

I recently started a new job and just like in my previous one I wanted to have all servers consolidated in one place so I can easily RDP on them if needed. I use the free Microsoft tool Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan). There are better software out there like... [Read More]

Meltdown & Spectre - Check if your ESXi servers are patched

[Update 15/01/2018] A few days ago VMware release the Security Advisory VMSA-2018-0004 and KB52085 regarding Hypervisor-Assisted Guest Remediation that would present the new CPU features to the VMs even without having the Firmware/Bios updated. One or 2 days later, because of sightings for a number of Intel... [Read More]

Metro cluster partial DCI failure

In this article I would like to cover a failure scenario that I recently dealt with and that I suspect is maybe not that common for several reasons. The environment is made of 2 sites in a metro cluster sharing a virtualised storage over a multiplexed fiber. Half of the... [Read More]

Easily run PowerCLI commands as jobs

Overview Start-PowerCLIJobs.ps1 Running commands as jobs is pretty mainstream in Powershell. A simple “Start-Job” or “Invoke-Command -AsJob” will do the trick. However, when PowerCLI is involved it is not as straightforward. If you try to run a command that requires to be connected to a vCenter you will... [Read More]

NSX DFW rule - lost access to vCenter

I was playing with NSX recently and testing the distributed firewall (DFW) that allows for east-west firewalling, aka micro-segmentation. All was going well when I disconnected my brain for a second and added a rule “deny all all” (Yes I know…). Following that moment facepalm I obviously lost access to... [Read More]